Back to School Celebrations for Mom’s

It’s that time again, kids are going back to school. For some, it may come with some tugs on the heartstrings, for others, it’s an all-out cause for celebration. Kids out of the house, back on a schedule, and maybe a little extra free time for Mom!

So let’s celebrate with other moms who made it through summer vacation. Make it a potluck or have simple appetizers. Really it’s all about comparing stories and feeling the support of your mom tribe.  We’ve got one great recipe that’s sure liven things up. Dark Chocolate Orange Martini.  You’re going to love it!

Dark Chocolate Orange Martini

1.5oz Vodka

3oz Orange Liqueur

3oz. Melted Fannie May Dark Chocolate Orange squares

Garnish with a slice of orange, chocolate shavings and serve chilled.



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