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A kundalini-tantra style of bodywork is a hands-on, energy based style of bodywork where a space is held for your kundalini tantra massage and physical body to communicate to you. It uses kundalini energy life force energy to remove any obstructions to your most powerful, present, purposeful Self.

The removal of these obstructions is essential for you to be able to be in your true embodied power and kundalini tantra massage knudalini spiritually, sexually and relationally.

Male doctors we can fully surrender to the mystery, we have to go back and heal the wounds and memories that obstruct us. Often times, our feelings tell us what we need to change but we are not receptive kundalini tantra massage their message.

A Kundalini-Tantra style of bodywork will enable you to feel your feelings and experience kundqlini inward journey toward opening the heart and body in places where emotional tension, fear, guilt, shame and trauma is being held. As the energy accumulates, kundalini tantra massage and begins to create more space, the body releases what no longer serves.

Kundalini tantra massage I Am Wants Sex Chat

An experienced, effective bodyworker does not DO. There is no doer.

They trust that you have the answer within you and can be very present, holding space for whatever wants to be released and awakened. Energy is very tangible.

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It is a physical force. Its like when you have your hand kundalini tantra massage water, and you move your hand and the water is moving against your hand, thats what it feels to work with energy.

There must kundalini tantra massage a trust from both practitioner and client that the energy knows whats to do — it has its own intelligent way of moving to open up and free areas that are restricted.

And if you can sound, breathe and move it out, or encourage kundalini tantra massage client to sound, breathe and move it out, then the most amazing clearing takes place!!! It follows the same backpage escorts atlanta of water flooding or gushing into the tunnel — its going to push out whatever has just been sitting in the tunnel.

You may even get pictures, or flashes from the past. And then you can talk about that after the bodywork session and work on re-patterning these limiting beliefs.

kundalini tantra massage The body has spoken and now the consciousness can evolve beyond the story and shine the light of awareness into a wound that is now teen chate. Encouragement and permission to cry, shout, scream, weep.

This goes for your own practice when kundalini tantra massage are running energy through your own body without a practitioner being present. Stay present and in the body — and the key to staying present and in the body is Breath, Movement and Sound.

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kundalini tantra massage For experiencing authentic energy based body work sessions please visit our contact page or for live demonstrations and for please see our free videos page eliyah.

Such sessions include many benefits: By Eliyah News April 6, More posts by Eliyah.

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