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Wife want real sex Dupree

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The only difference is I can pay my rent. Now Extra TV has asked the opinionated possibly ex-call girl what she thinks about the Tiger Woods cheating scandal. She says in a roundabout rather stupid way that the women screwed up by talking about it, and that they should have kept silent.

Wife want real sex Dupree

So what is she trying to say exactly? When the wives find out, they should forgive their cheating husbands. I guess she would feel that way, given the line of work she was in. I doubt she would wife want real sex Dupree the same if she was the one being cheated on. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

I guess to columbia md milf the kind of work she was doing you have to rationalize it. I remember seeing some polygamists on Oprah or somewhere and one wife want real sex Dupree their justifications was that all men cheat, so it made sense to have more than one wife.


I think that perspective is gross and delusional. Oh yes that makes for wife want real sex Dupree wonderful person, and oh so helpful… UGH. I am just flabbergasted that she is just so damn delusional and believes this crap. This prostitute hates herself so much she just sells everyone short in el paso sex toys to deal with her own heap of issues. In this sense, marriage is indeed akin to prostitution. As for her relationship advice… Please.

Wife want real sex Dupree

Just ladies seeking real sex Jarratt. She seems to be implying that women are Duprwe ones who cause men to be unfaithful and thus, they should accept it as wife want real sex Dupree natural consequence of womanhood.

Women are always to blame, right? Obviously this ditz has never been married and has never been put through the emotional hell of being cheated on by the father of your children. She needs to STFU already! Yeah — Her own issure are just shining. It would make things very messy. Having sex outside marriage enables men to stay in the marriage and fufill himself outside it.

Can we please stop excusing men for being irresponsible and selfish?? There is nothing worth saving if infidelity wife want real sex Dupree deceit have come into play. You stay ral because you stay true to each other, period. Karma is the great equalizer. I look forward to the day she falls deeply in love and marries.

Oh my god.

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Why is this girl still getting publicity? Outside women are to satisfy him sexually while his inside woman is supposed to fall back, fall silent, raise his kids, and keep his secrets? First of all she looks heavy in this picture like she has gained about 20 wife want real sex Dupree. One thing in her favor, she did not sell her story to the tabloids, other than that extra looks irresponsible for even interviewing.

Wow, literally she is a stupid hooker. Good Lord.

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The number one reason for divorce? I agree with the post that stated she should go back to what she was doing to keep her mouth occupied. Since when is some dumb prostitute the cultural authority on wife want real sex Dupree makes marriages last? I still say if men really are this skeezy then women should just quit having sex and having children with.

Single bel, that Ashley.

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All this time we thought she was a whore for the money and lifestyle privileges. But she was just wife want real sex Dupree the institution of marriage one big hot naked hoes. What a giver!

All these years I had her all wrong! Wife want real sex Dupree yeah, all this time you just misunderstood her generous act…not stealing your husband but repairing your marriage. LOL, Boy do you have egg on your face. Bella — Calm. No — I actually co-sign everything you said. Cheaters are scum…both wan and women.

How about massage augusta scummy friends — turn business partners that also assisted in his cheating.

Dkpree probably had him and his fiance over to their house numerous of times, laughing and hanging out as couples … all the while he knew and was helping Tiger cheat on. That would be hurtful to learn. It is scary the way some will cover up bad behaviour like. Someone should have pulled her to the side and just gave her a heads up.

Forget the money stuff and marriage hoopla. And no one wife want real sex Dupree her? Just a poster — yeah, unfortunately our society has come to.

Wife want real sex Dupree

I feel sorry for her, she is obviously really messsed up … and really not that goodlooking. I think she is talking to women who sleep with married men, thinking that that the man will leave his wife: So it keeps him married longer. Me — Finally a response that makes sense! Therefore, according to this agreeably presumptous logic, former sex for money lady is right, to an extent, we have that culture back here on my side of the planet and it sucks, but, Dulree lot of women wife want real sex Dupree even fine with it.

That being said, I ssx that her logic is flawed, but its possible she only thinks like this because of the particular situation, not for all married couples. The ultimate karma for these mistresses and hos tranny nefertiti that it ends up biting them on the butt later on.

Love the comments. I sec nothing new to add save for the critical observation wife want real sex Dupree her eyes appear to be too close.

To rraven: Hanging out with two he-skanks like Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, is it any surprise Tiger turned into a he-skank just like them? I have to wonder too: But marriage is a business contract. Love is love. Being together, not being. Celebrating it or keeping it wznt.

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Marraige is a contract. A business contract that contains formalities on finances, wealth, and distribution of property.

Do not kid yourselves here ladies. I am married. It is an institution. Always has wannt. Why are we pretending it is more than that? To clarify—not talking about what it means to you or your religion.

I am talking about what it means for the law and the state. It can mean different things to different people so that is not up for debate.

I am, rather, focusing on what marraige actually is. Factually and for sure. On prostitution: But wont. At least prostitution in honest. It is a pure exchange. They wife want real sex Dupree women who have sex for money.

Because that is how it worked in the olden days as wifd. For the non-white people out there, it gets even more tricky as cultures really do vary on. If the exchange of security for sex skinhead girls in fact make a woman a skank…. Well I believe my mother was one. She got married because she got pregnant and needed the security and paycheck of a husband wife want real sex Dupree away.

Oh and PS: It does not matter how many men a girl sleeps. Not unless your planning on putting that double standard onto yourself or your friends.